1- To Create a world where every child has the same chance in life as I would want for my child, clean water, education, emergency services etc but first we must get strong at home to be able to achieve this.

1- English Independence from the UK.

3- To have more Referendums on big issues giving more power to the people.

4- All English tax/revenue will be put back into England but we will help other countries in times of natural disasters or terrorist attacks. No foreign aid.

5- To merge all councils into just one based on population per councillor, a full time role not involved in big party politics. All will be independent. We will have less managers and more front line workers in the public sector. House of Lords will become the House of Representation made up of District Council leaders.

6- MP elections and Council elections all set 2 years apart with referendums running along side each. Both will be national holidays as will St George's day. Everyone 18+ will have the right to vote and be put on the electoral roll.

7- Education and Health Services will always be FREE for those living in England(ALL student debts will be wiped clean).  

8- To achieve all energy from a green source.

9- To CCTV everywhere for reference only so not watching unless needed for a crime. Kids bikes being stolen or them being attacked/mugged, car thefts, murders, house burglaries will all get solved. You can be safe knowing we will know. 

10- To tax big businesses on what they earn in this country, NO TAX HAVENS, no LTD companies as it just allows the rich to pay no tax and write off debt too easily. 

11- To give all pensioners free energy and water up to a fair usage policy. Eventually every household in England will have this because we believe it is the Governments responsibility.

12- To END the BBC, creating The EBC English Broadcasting Channel with no licence fee. 

13- To create our own companies in Energy, travel, insurance etc with profits going on jobs plus Research and Development.

14- Monopolies will be allowed if they create better value for customers and will be tendered every 4 years. Sky sports for example having all football would cost less for customers than having to pay for BT sports and online streams too.

15- More Hospitals, more nurses, more police on the beat. More money for our emergency services than ever before.

16- There will be only one Tax - INCOME TAX. No VAT, no road tax, no council tax, no TV licence fee, no inheritance tax, no stamp duty.

17- Family courts decided by jury not pompous Judges/Magistrates. Birth Certificates must have both parents on and if both can not agree on the childs last name it will be double-barrelled. Reasonable access will be set at every other weekend and 1 day in the week each week if parents live apart, enforced by the police and Social workers instead of the heartache of waiting for mediation/courts. Cafcass changed. Parents not claiming benefits/Child tax will still be eligible for a 2 bed property.

19- Those on low income will get the same housing benefits as the unemployed, an incentive to work. Sometimes working can leave you with just £200 more each month for 100 hours work than unemployed. £2 an hour to get into work!!!!

20- Appealling & making complaints will be made easier and dealt with instantly and done by people working independently. We need to be able to complain easily to improve the system at all times. If there is a better way to do things it must be implemented instantly. If people have done a poor job they must be made accountable including MP's. 

21- The media will only be able to publish stories of fact/the whole story and of those convicted.  

22- Crime will have bigger sentencing. Murderers will stay in prison until they die. Carrying a knife will have a 5 year sentence. Prisons will be the same condition for all sentences, why be cushy, prison is prison. 

23- Baliffs abolished, credit rating set to 0 if in any debt and no credit allowed until debt is paid, which we will help resolve. Interest rates on ALL loans/credit will be set as 1 year 10%, 2 years 20%.....5 years+ 50% MAX. No silly pay day loan percentage. Mortgages given with 10% deposit to all with bad past credit. (The main goal is to learn children the value of money in School and to not get into debt, prevention is better than cure)

24- The Right to Buy lowered to 2 years for council. 5 years for private rented properties will be introduced. No inheritance tax, no stamp duty. No landlords getting out of the tenancy laws via sin dec forms.

25- Dentists will be open 24/7 run on an area rota system as people get pain at night too. 

26- We will have working hours/holidays to suit parents with children in all Government Departments.